Differentiate and Thrive

Dear Friends,  
ODA Architecture became immersed in Hospitality Design in the 1990s.  When we started this journey, we had many mentors, but we learned the most from Denu P. Rama.  DP was an architect by education and was an owner in JHM Hotels, currently Auro Hotels, one of the largest privately owned hospitality companies in the country.  
Instead of explaining hotel operations, DP would drag me through laundry rooms, kitchens, and mechanical rooms to show me the innerworkings of a hotel.  When starting a new project, DP would meet me at the proposed location.  We would spend the day visiting other hotels in the area.  The owners would graciously give us tours of their properties and show us their guest rooms and amenities.  At the end of a long day, we would return to our hotel, where DP would ask me one question: “Stephen, we have seen our competition. Now, what can we do differently?”.  DP understood the need to stand out in a crowded market and that spirit still resonates with ODA.
DP Rama was an innovator and he always encouraged ODA to seek creative differentiation, whether we were designing a new hotel or transforming an existing property.  DP taught us about Vedic Design, the holistic art and science of placement in architecture, as well as Vastu, which is a set of design principles that helps create order, meaning and wellness.

DP Rama passed away in 2007 but his teachings and influence live on.  Though JHM Hotels has evolved into Auro Hotels, DP’s legacy has continued in their philosophies.  We continue to work with DP’s brothers, nephews and other family members to design unique hotels throughout the southeast.  
Auro Hotels is a trendsetter in Hospitality Design, exploring innovative ways to be distinctive and stay on the leading edge in the evolution of hotels.  In dedication and tribute to DP Rama and Auro Hotels, we are featuring several of the projects that illustrate DP’s mantra to be different….and thrive.
ODA Architecture is proud to continue our journey with Auro Hotels as they explore innovative design.  Thank you, DP, for being a great mentor.

Photo Information:

Innovator & Leader in Hospitality Architecture – Denu P. Rama 1954-2007 
Former Vice President, JMH Hotels

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