It’s been Fun!

Dear Friends,       
FUNomenal design has been ODA Architecture’s mission for decades, reflecting on our culture as well as the goals of our clients to create distinctive places. FUNomenal design evokes emotions and taps into the user’s senses through FUN and inspiring design elements. This spirit of fun extends throughout all the project types that ODA specializes in including Hospitality and Leisure, Entertainment, Mixed Use, Sports and Industrial.
Distinctive architecture should be fun for the user to experience and memorable. The experience includes awakening all 5 senses. Distinctive architecture should have magic to surprise the user with details and elements that are unique and unexpected FUNomenal design should provide many “WOW” and “AHA” moments as the building’s “story” is revealed.
The Hospitality and Entertainment Industries taught ODA Architecture the value of creating fun architecture. We have been able to integrate these tenets into other project types including retail, office, climate-controlled storage and industrial.
ODA is grateful for all our clients who have allowed us to have fun  for almost four decades.  ODA Architecture is currently designing FUNomenal buildings in 14 states along the eastern seaboard. 2023 has been a great year for our firm and we look forward to a successful New Year. We have enjoyed meeting many new clients and have been privileged to design unique buildings with clients who have been friends of ODA for many years.
ODA Architecture would like to thank all our clients, consultants, and contractor friends for 39 years of fun. Showcased below are current and past projects, illustrating distinctive architecture that has been fun to design.
Happy Holidays and much success in 2024!
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