To Park… Or Not To Park?

ODA Architecture has built many parking structures since our establishment in 1984. These parking structures were predominantly to support the various buildings that we designed. Traditional models included freestanding parking decks, parking under buildings and subterranean parking. Until recently, we had never considered parking structure design as a project type that we wanted to explore. Storage of automobiles is now becoming an innovative and important component of the urban landscape that our firm is fully exploring. 

Parking structure design will change dramatically in the coming decades with the expansion of ride-sharing, driverless cars, and more sophistication in public transportation. The traditional parking “garage” will evolve into a “mobility center” and will be designed as vertical mixed use, integrating many options for transportation. Mobility centers will be designed to allow adaptation into other uses as single car drivership diminishes. 

ODA Architecture understands how to design efficient parking structures that are “urban-friendly,” and we will begin designing these parking structures with adaptability in mind. Moving forward, we must consider… what are mobility centers?


Mobility Centers are “next generation” parking garages that offer more options and conveniences. Besides traditional self-parking spaces, mobility centers will include areas for  ride-share pickup, bicycle and scooter rentals, valet options, automated sensory parking, apps to reserve spaces, ample EV stations, and automotive servicing. Mobility centers will be easily converted to other uses or be completely robotic. Mobility centers will be located close to transit stations to offer micro-transit shuttles (or rickshaws) to help customers with the ”last mile” to their destination.

Today, people are still willing to pay for convenient self-parking in traditional decks but future generations will demand more options. These mobility centers will be shaped by innovation and technology. They will provide efficiencies and conveniences, while reducing congestion and improving air quality in urban areas. ODA Architecture is prepared to design your parking structure to meet current needs, but designed for future adaptability to a mobility center.

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