Turning your Vision into a Masterpiece

ODA Architecture offers specialty services that complement our core architectural design and are beneficial to the project’s success. We value being part of a project’s site selection and rezoning process to capture the developer’s vision and create contextually appropriate buildings that will be successful for decades.
One of the most important aspects of a successful project is the selection of the most appropriate site and securing the zoning rights. Clients often have multiple site options for their building. ODA Architecture helps determine the best site by providing research of each site and sketching site plan options for each prospective location.  An analysis of the opportunities and challenges are presented for each site, in terms of potential density, height restrictions, necessary site / infrastructure needs and confirming if the site will require variances or a rezoning.

ODA Architecture is experienced with successful rezonings.  For the client, rezonings can be stressful, tedious, expensive, and frustrating.  Working alongside rezoning attorneys and consultants, ODA helps to expedite the process as painlessly as possible.
Besides providing the land planning, we orchestrate and lead the required meetings with city planning staff, neighborhood groups and ad hoc committees that have an interest in the rezoning.  If the site is in a historical district, approval by these committees must be in place before the rezoning can be presented to Town Councils.  It is common for these ad hoc committees to have self-serving goals that conflict with the goals of the larger community.  The architect often provides alternatives to the design to obtain consensus and approvals by all stakeholders.
Renderings and animations are prepared by the architect to effectively showcase the vision of the client and the positive impact on the neighborhood. The projects illustrated below have gone through a rezoning process or had to obtain special approvals from local planning boards or special interest committees. With the best site location and favorable zoning rights, it is the architect’s responsibility to turn the owner’s vision into a masterpiece that will be sustainable for generations. 

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